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1.How does the slim patch works? Does it have any side effect? 
With the Slim patch you will be able to control your appetite, increase your metabolism ( burn excess fat ), reduce fat absorption and will assist in removing harmful toxins from the body. The patch will also help in regulating high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
The slim patch is a natural all pure 100% herbal patch, no side effect. It is caffeine and ephedra free. 
If you have any skin allergies please consult your health care professional before using. Women who are in any stages of pregnancy or lactation period should avoid using this product. 

2.How does the pain relief patch works? 
Our pain relief patches main ingredients are capsicum extract, menthol, camphor, diclofenac and some others, the capsicum extract is very hot which main function stimulate the skin pores and make them expansion, so that the diclofenac can be absorbed absolutely and relieve the pain.
The menthol and camphor with the effect of clearing heat for detumescence, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. 

3.How does the heat pad works? 
The heat pad main ingredients are Iron powder,Activated carbon, Vermiculite, Water and Salt.The pad is air-activated and physical heating, warm your body and promote the blood circulation, relieve the pain from the circulation blocking. 

4.What’s the difference between the capsicum plaster and the pain relief patch? 
The capsicum plaster main ingredients are capsaicin, menthol, camphor, when use it, the feeling is very hot and effective last longer. The pain relief patch size 7*10cm main ingredients are menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate. when use it, the feeling is tepid, the smaller size 6.5*4.2cm that is easy to carry in pocket.when use it the feeling is cool. 

5.How to use the patch? 
Just open the packing bag, peal off the sticker paper, stick the adhesive side of the patch on the parts that you feel pain or need because of the cold ,Arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, Rheumatism, rheumatoid , etc. notice: the heat pad can’t be sticked on the skin directly but need to stick on the underwear. 

6.How long does the capsicum plaster effect last for? How long time I can see the effect? 
The capsicum plaster effect can last for 8hours, and it starts to work within 10 minutes after stick. 

7.How long does the slimming patch last for? How long time I can see the effect? 
The slimming patch effect can last for 12hours, it is 100% natural ingredients and no side effect, normally about 1-2 months you will see the effect to loose 3-5kg weight, please kindly note when use the patch eat less hot&spicy food, less seafood. 

8.Is it harmful to the skin? Do it can be used for sensitive skin? 
Our patches are all 100% herbal extracts and no harmful to the skin, but if you are the sensitive skin, you’d better consult a doctor before using. 

9.Can you provide samples? How much the shipping cost? 
Free samples 5pcs can be provided no problem, but you’re kindly requested to bear the shipping cost, which is different due to the destinations, normally $30-50 freight charges via DHL or EMS, it takes 5-7 working days to arrive. 

10.Can you send the samples to us by using our courier DHL or FEDEX? 
We can send samples using your own express only for pain relief patches, but for the sensitive goods such as the heat pad and detox foot pad with the powder ingredients,the cooling gel patch with hydrogel,the slimming patch with paste, we have to send them via EMS and freight charge prepaid. 

11.Can you tell me your bag material and box material? 
Our bag is aluminium foil bag, normally one side thickness 6 silk or 9 silk For box normally 350g white cardboard. 

12.Please advise the average expiry date of the patches? 
All of our patches average expiry date 3 years,but please kindly note the patch should be keep in sealed bags and store in a cool and dry place. 

13.could you please give me some info regarding your production process? 
For the various patches, the production process are similar, main steps as below:
Step 1:mix the raw ingredients together as per definite rates
Step 2:put the raw ingredients together with the natural rubber into the smelter and get the adhesive
Step 3:put the adhesive evenly on the fabric or cotton cloth and dry through the entire curing ovens production lines.
Step 4:cut into customized size patches
Step 5: packing in bag, box and carton


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Re.Can we do customized size or ingredients also our own brand? We have done OEM service ...[MORE]

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