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1.What certificate do you have?
We have CE, ISO GMP,TUV,BV certificates, we are now applying to the FDA and ISO13485. 

2.How to register your product ? 
If you have no import the patches before,you need ask for your Ministry of Health what documents will you need for the register,then tell us,we will prepare the documents for you.If you need the documents to be signed by your embassy in China,we can also do it for you. 

3.Do you have FDA, CE, GMP or any certificate to support your quality? 
Yes,we have CE GMP ISO TUV BV certificates,We are applying to the FDA now,It will need some time. We have Duns number,It can be used for the register in USA. 

4.What is service your EU rep can provide to us? 
Our EU rep is the authorized agency by us, If you are from EU countries and wat to buy our products, you can consult our EU rep and it will provide some professional suggestion and help you to register in your country. 

5.How do you prove your patch quality? 
We have got many good feedbacks from our old clients.They said the effect is perfect. We also have the CE ISO GMP TUV and so on,many kinds of quality certificate. If you need,we can send some free samples to you for your test. 

6.it mentions the wordings "EC REP Annastr. 9B, 64347 Griesheim Germany" on top of the CE mark. What does it mean?
This company, EuroScene Business Solutions GmbH, is our representative in Germany. He can offer help and provide certificates for our European customers.It shows that our products can be safely sold in European countries. 

7.Where we can check your CE certificate and verify it is available in EU system? 
Please kindly see the link http://www.snqa.com.cn/Esearch_cer_old.asp http://www.snqa.com.cn/Esearch_results.asp Our certificate No.is 01805 The CE certificate is issued by NQA.The NQA Authorization Number by EU System is NB2363 You can refer to the below website. Thank you http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/newapproach/nando/index.cfm?fuseaction=notifiedbody.notifiedbodies&num=2301&text=2301-2400 

8.Do you have any certificate copy to say it is safe for the skin/Children Etc ? 
This product is made of herbal materials. It is suitable for both children and adults. We have the quality certificate which shows its contents percentage. According to the customer’s feedback, there is no harmful to the skin.


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Q.Can you do OEM for me?

Re.Can we do customized size or ingredients also our own brand? We have done OEM service ...[MORE]

Q.What certificate do you have?

Re.We have CE, ISO GMP,TUV,BV certificates, we are now applying to the FDA and ISO13485...[MORE]

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