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Slim Patch OEM&ODM

Kangdi weight loss slim patch OEM&ODM is the best slim patch factory in China,you can custom slim patch,you also can be our weight loss patch sourcing agents and wholesaler.

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Warm Patch OEM&ODM

Kangdi produce instant warm patch,body heat pack,magic hot pack ,we provide OEM ODM service,we also looking for sourcing agents and so on.

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Nasal Strips OEM&ODM

Kangdi breathe better nasal strips manufacturer has 15 years OEM&ODM experience.you can custom different kinds of nasal strips,we are looking for nasal strip wholesaler and sourcing agents.

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Fever Cooling Patch OEM&ODM

Kangdi fever cooling gel sheet OEM&ODM manufacturer provide custom fevepatches,we are largest fever cooling pads factory,we are looking for sourcing agents and wholesaler.

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Corn Plaster OEM&ODM

Kangdi foot corn plaster OEM&ODM manufacturer is hot sell all over the world,you can custom feet corn plaster,you also can be our wholesaler and sourcing agents all over the world.

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Carsick Patch OEM&ODM

Kangdi provide different kinds of motion sickness patches,like carsick patches,sea sickness patches,air sickness patches,we provide OEM&ODM service.

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Skype:nacyli123, What's app:+86-17760766183